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Every year, over 43,000 individuals die as a result of auto accidents in the United States. Auto accidents cause devastation to victims, in that they are left paralyzed, injured and possibly unable to return to their jobs. When a victim has been involved in an auto accident, it is imperative for the victim to receive medical treatment. Even if a victim feels completely fine after an accident has occurred, it is important for the victim to receive medical attention to ensure that he or she does not have any concussions or other injuries.

Auto accidents can be caused in numerous ways. A person may be texting on a smartphone and suddenly ram into the car in front of him or her. A driver may leave a party feeling a bit “tipsy,” when the reality is he or she is past the legal limit of intoxication. One may be applying makeup, reading or feel fatigued while at the wheel. These are all instances when a driver can be distracted and end up causing a serious car accident.

Another way that auto accidents can be caused is due to obtrusive road construction. A construction team may leave its tools out on the road and fail to place any warning signs around the tools. There may be a pothole or ditch in the road, and the workers forgot to place a piece of yellow caution tape around the ditch. Auto accidents can also be caused when individuals like bike riders fail to use hand signals on the road. These are other situations in which another party is at fault for causing an accident in which you were involved.

The injuries that a person can suffer as a result of auto accidents can be serious. One may be left with a serious concussion or brain injury. One may be left in a paralyzed state. Abrasions and amputated limbs are other severe injuries that result from car accidents.

When you have suffered these types of injuries, it is important to get in touch with a Chicago auto accident attorney. A Chicago auto accident attorney will carefully analyze the injuries that you have suffered in order to determine your damages. The lawyer will then negotiate a settlement for your case if it is possible. If an insurance company will not provide you with the funds that you deserve, then an auto accident attorney will take your case to court.

Injured? Get A Free Injury Evaluation!

Injured? Get A Free Injury Evaluation!

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