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Every year, there are thousands of nursing home abuse cases that arise in the United States. Only one in fourteen of these cases is actually reported to the appropriate authorities. With the right legal help, every individual in these thousands of cases may have been able to obtain compensation to cover the cost of injuries arising from the nursing home abuse. Because there are so many cases of nursing home abuse in the United States, it is important for friends and family members to pay close attention to the treatment of loved ones in nursing homes. If one suspects nursing home abuse is occurring, then he or she should get in touch with a Chicago nursing home abuse lawyer as soon as possible. The lawyer may be able to sue the appropriate individual in order to provide a loved one with the money that he or she deserves as a result of the suffering.

Friends and family members can detect nursing home abuse in a variety of ways. One way is to show up at a nursing home during odd hours. A friend or family member can also show up at a nursing home in an unplanned visit. These sorts of visits give family members a chance to see how nursing home staff members are treating their loved one. During a visit, a family member should also pay attention to any visible markings on the patient. A family member should pay attention to any changes in the behavior or mood of the patient too.

If nursing home abuse is occurring, then a patient may have outward bruises or abrasions on his or her body. The patient may also display signs of depression and irritability. The patient may appear to be overly fatigued and lack energy. These are all clear signs that abuse is likely occurring on a regular basis. Family members should also pay attention to any verbal acknowledgements of abuse. If a patient outright complains that he or she is being abused by hospital professionals, then family members should regard this complaint in a serious manner.

If you are unsure whether nursing home abuse is affecting a loved one, then a lawyer will help you. A Chicago nursing home abuse lawyer will also work to settle your case in a timely manner. The nursing home abuse lawyer will put an end to the abuse and ensure that your loved one is safe in the future.

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