With our law offices located in Evanston and Chicago, Illinois, we are dedicated to representing the injured in Chicago personal injury and workers compensation cases. In more than 10 years of practice, we have successfully represented 1000 clients and have tried more than 50 jury trials. We practice in the following areas of law: Personal Injury, Workers Compensation and Medical Malpractice in Chicago Illinois.


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A personal message from Attorney Eftekhari:

During the course of litigation, clients deserve a lot of attention. They need help, they need money, they need to know what is going on with their case, they need assurance that they will get their day in court quickly, they need justice, they need to know the strengths and the weaknesses of their case, they need to hear a warm, kind, and at the same time, strong voice speaking on their behalf, and they need to know that their lawyer is an experienced fighter with a proven track record. I have personally witnessed how in “large” firms a client is yet another “case” and how lawyers in those firms rarely return their clients’ calls or inform their clients of the status of their cases, and how cases take forever to resolve. This is not how I run my office. I am devoted to my clients. I enjoy being a lawyer. I develop a special human bond with my clients. I try to become the voice of hope during a difficult period. And I am committed to recovering the maximum amount of money possible to compensate my clients and their families for their injuries and losses.



Personal Injury Attorney Ehsan Eftekhari


  • We don’t charge for meeting with you.
  • We charge a one-third fee if we recover for you in your personal injury case, or a 20% fee for your Workers’ Compensation case.

Injured? Get A Free Injury Evaluation!

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